Edamam and Sifter Partner Up to Provide Complementary Nutrition Driven Personalization Services


Sifter will offer 10% discount to any client referred by Edamam to its nutrition driven personalization solutions for grocery shopping

Edamam has partnered with Sifter to provide nutrition driven grocery shopping for recipes solution.

Edamam will provide 10% discount ot any clients referred by Sifter that sign up for its Recipe Search API.

Sifter has partnered with Edamam to provide an industry-leading, nutrition and diet-based recipe search solution.

Edamam's Recipe SEarch API leverages a database of 5 million nutritionally analyzed and tagged recipes with data for 150 nutrients, all allergens, more than 40 lifestyle diets, and popular cuisines.

Edamam’s Recipe Search API allows searching by ingredinet, nutrient, diet, allergen, cuisine and prvides highly relevant results from across the recipe web.

Edamam and Sifter will cross-market their services, offering developers and companies the ability to build end-to-end diet and shopping nutrition solutions.

The partnership with Sifter allows us to offer to our developers and customers a much requested shoppability solution that complements our recipe-based meal recommendation and recipe search products.”

— Victor Penev

NEW YORK, NY, US, March 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Edamam, a nutrition data provider of data and API solutions to the food, health, and wellness sectors, and Sifter, a personalized nutrition company aiming to help consumers choose and shop for food based on diet and nutrition needs, announced today a partnership to cross promote and market their products. This offers developers and businesses an easy way to build their customers an end-to-end shoppable recipe solution based on their personal diet.

The two companies have focused on the recipe space. This leverages Edamam’s industry-leading Recipe Search API and extensive database of 5+ million nutritionally analyzed and tagged recipes with Sifter’s unmatched capability to create diet and nutrition-driven personalized grocery shopping baskets for consumers. The partnership will provide easy access to two solutions, which when combined, can enable true, personalized, recipe-based meal planning with the ability to shop for the food ingredients either in-store or online at grocery stores across the United States.

The two solutions can be found via Sifter’s partner profile on Edamam and Edamam’s partner profile on Sifter. Information about the companies’ full range of services can be found on edamam.com and sifter.solutions.

“The partnership with Sifter allows us to offer to our developers and customers a much requested shoppability solution that complements our recipe-based meal recommendation and recipe search products,” explained Victor Penev, the Founder and CEO of Edamam.

“Sifter is excited to work with Edamam and leverage their recipe expertise to significantly expand our ability to provide truly personalized and nutrition-driven meal-to-check-out solutions to businesses,” added Andrew Parkinson, Sifter’s CEO and co-founder.

About Edamam
Edamam organizes the world’s food knowledge and provides nutrition data services and value-added solutions to health, wellness, and food businesses. Using a proprietary semantic technology platform, it delivers real-time nutrition analysis and diet recommendations via APIs. Edamam’s technology helps customers answer their clients’ perennial question: “What should I eat?”

Edamam’s partners and clients include Nestle, Amazon, Microsoft, The Food Network, The New York Times, and Barilla.

For more information, please visit www.edamam.com or developer.edamam.com.

About Sifter
Pioneering grocery e-commerce entrepreneurs Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, founders of Peapod and ItemMaster, created Sifter, a powerful Nutrition as a ServiceTM platform for the millions of consumers who avoid food allergens or follow a special health diet. Using a proprietary, science-based “sifting” technology with 130+ diet and nutrition filters, the free, interactive site allows users to find food products and dietary supplements based on their personal diet needs and preferences. Sifter technology also powers retail, brand, and healthcare platforms. Corporate partners and advisors include registered dietitians, health & wellness organizations, major retailers, brands, and data providers to ensure our search platform delivers accurate and trustworthy results. To learn more, visit Sifter.shop (consumer site) and Sifter.solutions (business applications).

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