How Imprxx will reposition, boost entertainment industry, by Ileesemi


Ayo Ileesemi is an inventor with a passion for the arts and culture sector, especially the entertainment industry. He is the brain behind the start-up,, a live streaming platform. In this interview with TONY OKUYEME, he talks about how Imprxx will reposition the entertainment industry, boots the arts and culture sector, promote talents and, above all, create employment for over 500,000 youths. Excerpt

What really is Imprxx about and why do you think it is so critical at this period?

Imprxx is a live streaming application which we hope will be fully metamorphose into a social media platform.

Why is this live streaming platform special now?

It is because it is coming from an angle to disrupt what they have now globally. We found out that during COVID-19, so many things happened. People could not do live shows because they had to be restricted, movement and businesses. This really affected the entertainment industry. Some of the industries that were really affected was the entertainment industry.

So with this application, an entertainer can be right in his house set up his shows, and people will connect to him. Because when it comes to the business part of entertainment, there should be a way of monetising whatever you’re doing; and that was what is not on Facebook or Instagram. People were doing entertainment but they could not get money from it.

So with this Imprxx, there’s an application where an artist can be sprayed. The way of monetizing your content is the way of spraying you money. Which means, for in stance, Sunny Ade can be right in his house in Ondo State and connect with someone in the US, and that person will see Sunny Ade on a screen, because this comes with a dedicated interface.

We have an interface that is invented with this to make it a dedicated interface. So if that dedicated interface is with Sunny Ade, where he’s performing, with that dedicated interface we can bring in whoever wants to connect with Sunny Ade, to any size for bet ter interaction.

So it’s easy for Sunny Ade to really interact with a person. What we have in vogue now is that people are using Facebook and the likes, most of the time they interact through to their phone. So we have limited ways of interation. When you are live-streaming Sunny Ade now, Sunny Ade is not interacting with people that are connected with him online, he is only facing people that are with him live.

But with this solution, because the interface is even bigger, people that Sunny Ade will be interacting with now online are bigger than people he will be seeing because we can achieve bigger size than the normal size.


Anything anybody can do live with Sunny Ade in a hall, somebody can do it now, through the interface wherever they are. Which means, Sunny Ade is not limited to 5000 capacity people anymore or 1000, it could be shown and this content can be monetized by the whole world if they can connect with him.

So this, this platform has that; and through this platform there are other features such as how it’s being felt, the real vibes of live shows where when somebody wants to enter into a stage where they can give him a cheerful entry, when somebody can praise you and all those stuffs, you can feel those stuffs. And on this platform also, we have what they call sitting arrangement.

So, if I’m coming to your party, the way you named your tables, that this is VIP, this is VVIP, this is Omooba’s table, you can do that online. So, if, for in stance, I am coming to the party online, I would directly come in as a Omooba’s guests and I will sit on his table with him. So on any page when you are scrolling your screen, when you get to where Omooba’s table, you will see other people along with Omooba. Those are the people you will be watching at that particular time. So it’s as dedicated and as comprehensive to replicate what we can see live or what we can see real and bringing it into the digital space. And when you say digital space, that is a space where we can have more, we can earn more.

The control is superb. You are not limited like where you are limited in life. That’s what we have here. It doesn’t exist anywhere in the world today We can show you the patent we were given here in Nigeria. We’ve taken the patent internationally. And it’s been seen also that this is unique because we have a unique feedback system that does not exist anywhere in the world.

Even the just concluded a concert that Davido did at O2 Arena Hall in UK, you will find out that within two weeks, people bought all the tickets. So if they had also taking the ticket online, they would have sold more because we don’t need to be in the hall to watch Davido. They could have done that, but why they didn’t think about that is if they had brought it online, Davido does not have a way to interact with people that are not there in the hall. But with this, Davido can talk to you; they can bring you right on the screen where they Davido is live. He would speak with you; he would dance with you; he sing for you. And as what we have here as a new application that we are launching into the world. It is called imprxx.

Are there other features?

Yes, another fantastic feature is that it is in line with the federal government policy through the Central Bank of Nigeria that discourages spraying of the naira. Right now we have the e-naira. So Imprxx is also sort of helping to drive government policy, Central Bank of Nigeria policy, discouraging the physical abuse of the naira, and encouraging the use of the e-naira.

Because through this app, you can spray the musician and as you’re spraying him the whole world is seing it. He is seing it; he can tell you thank you, and you can respond back, while he’s standing where he is, and you’re standing where you are. You can now dance together, both of you watch Withing yourself on the screen, and as you spray him everybody sees the money you’re spraying him, thereby driving the Central Bank policy for the use of the e-naira and helping to reduce the abuse on the naira.

To what extent can this also help the other aspects of the arts and culture sector: for instance, visual arts, cultural festivals, and so on?

Before I answer your question. There are other things that this is bringing into the country and to the world as a whole. The manpower needed for this is huge, because we invented the screen, which I have hust told you about, to be highly mobile, and it’s so handy. In fact, it can be put in a box that can enter into the boot of a car so when you get to the place where you want to use them, you start arranging them together. So what do we want this to drive? We want it to drive youth employment, because the people that would assemble this at the point of use, majorly, will be youths.

So we are going to create jobs for them, and are going to train them on how to assemble it, and how to operate the application, to set up a digital party stage. This is because on the application you can set it to video chatting, you can make special requests. You can make special requests of songs, and say this is the kind of song you want and it will be played for you. So we are looking at creating over 5000 jobs.

One of our targets is birthdays. The number of people in Nigeria and the number of birthdays we have, so birthday is one of the major markets that we’re looking at. And in Lagos today, we have over 50,000 birthdays everyday. So we are looking at that. To come back to your questions, if you look at the value chain of content production you will find out that it is still the same videographers because we are looking at once you are creating a content live, you want to be processing it live. So there is a place of a graphic designer.

We have a place of where cultural creatives can also decide to propagate their contents through this stores to any part in the world. And it could be monetized with this. The monetization could only come through this kind of platform because if they are doing that on Facebook, we only watch, and after the closing of this stuff, we just close that. But this one has the features and the capacity to encourage them to bring more funds or money to whatever their endeavours are, or whatever their jobs are. Like for example if the Igbo community in New York wants to have their cultural festival day, they don’t need to spend money taking the Atilogwu dance from Enugu to New York.

The equipment will be set up, the Atilogwu dancers are dancing there in Enugu but they are seen virtually with the people in New York and the people in New York are dancing with them. And at the same time they can spray those Atilogwu dancers with digital currency as they are dancing. Thank God there’s the e-naira through the Central Bank. Even New Yam festival those abroad can join while it is going on in Nigeria here.

You can hold conferences, any kind of event. and people can join from anywhere in the world. They’re joining them live to participate. The way world is going, tomorrow it is going to be a virtual world. There’s going to be breaking of borders and breaking away of barriers at the touch of a button, bringing everybody in the world to one digital space. And this can contain more than a million people at the same time.

What is the status of the platform?

It’s been locked down internationally. Nobody can come up with any of this. This was done through our office in London. Apart from our office here in Nigeria, we have our international headquarters in London, UK. But it’s a local driven app, because from Nigeria here, it would be difficult to get international licence.

The timeline for this to kick off?

We are looking at launching it in the next six months. Another thing I want us to also look at is that we are able to factor into this application the potential to drive for fund raising, in a charity organisation and the way it should be.

For in stance, in the case of a project, Imprxx can bring the funders to see the project want to fund life. Maybe there is a school they want to build at the far North, the interface from the school will be created so that the people that are watching and want to raise fund for this project will see what they want to raise for and that instant anybody can raise fund for it. So, Imprxx is an application that can drive that better than any other applications.

Is it just an application?

It is both an application and a hardware, because there is going to be a hardware and a software. There is one aspect that we forgot to mention. On impress also, it’s like a market where youths can sell their talents.

We know the musicians, the big musicians, but people forget the drummers, the guitarists, the keyboardist; all these young guys can go there and put short video of what they can do.

We’re looking at bringing almost 700,000 youths who can play one instrument or the other into this fold, so that churches, event planners, event centres, people who just want music played for them in their house can call them to come and perform for, not just the big musician alone. So the potential is massive; it is going to create it. It’s going to create a ripple effect in the market, that is going to bring a lot of people out of joblessness and give them something to live on.




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