Kick out APC to sustain democracy, Atiku tells Nigerians


The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has called on Nigerians to unite and come together and kick out the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in order to sustain the nation’s democracy.


Atiku in a statement to mark this year’s Democracy Day celebration said the ruling party has failed in its campaign promises. The former vice president noted that President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government has brought the worst form of government in the country, “where insecurity, disunity, inequity, lack of job opportunity, dwindling economic prosperity and hyper inflation stare us all in the face.”


He told Nigerians to remember that Nigeria’s current debt burden stands at over N41 trillion with less than $40 billion reserve, and regretted that the ruling party could not offer Nigerians honesty on its pledged manifestos with regards to security, economic growth and anti-corruption. According to him, “a ruling party that offers crass opportunism and cronyism can never elevate nor uplift a diverse and secular country.


“Hence, we should by next year reject an inept, unpopular and insensitive and clueless APC government. “Here’s the season to prove to dishonest APC politicians that power truly belongs to the people via the use of the ballots.


“A government that impoverish us, divides us along our fault lines, make us insecure, make us hungry, starve us of public amenities like electricity and fuel and perpetually shut down gates of universities against our undergraduates, due to no fault of the students and causing untold sorrow to their parents and sponsors; such a party should never be allowed to occupy esteemed offices in government at any level in our country.”


Atiku stated that this is an auspicious period to rally round all compatriots; to think and work in concert for the unity, security, equity, inclusivity, socio-economic prosperity and equitable development of the country.


Gbajabiamila felicitates Nigerians

Philip Nyam ABUJA

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila, said Nigerians have a lot to celebrate as the country’s democracy has developed in the past twentythree years. In a message, his special adviser on media and public affairs, Lanre Lasisi noted that  this year’s Democracy Day is historic coming on the eve of the 2023 general elections.

He expressed delight at how the citizens have embraced democratic governance in the past two decades, saying there is a lot to come in the coming years in terms of dividends of democracy.


Nigeria being handed over to generation of looters -ASUU

Sola Adeyemo IBADAN


In a message, to mark the day, Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), University of Ibadan branch, Prof. Ayoola Akinwole said that the exclusion of best brains in Nigerian politics through imposition of high cost of nomination forms will place Nigeria’s future in the hands of looters.


According to him, “it is a strategy of handing over the country to those individuals who have looted the country in the past. If this practice goes unchallenged, Nigerians are in for not just another regime of poor governance but that of extreme corruption and looting”.

He stated that it will take a Nigerian Professor who earns N416, 000 per month but saves 20 percent of his salary over 100 years to be able to purchase the presidential nomination form of the ruling party and over 40 years to buy the form of the main opposition party.

Professor Akinwole stated that the 23 years of return of democracy has been characterised by “leadership of empty promises and dashed hopes”, stressing that: “Given the level of prevailing level of corruption and loss of hope in the future, political leaders in Nigeria have shown lack of willingness and capacity and the capacity to protect lives and properties and they have successfully failed in promoting productive activities that can boost the Nigerian economy”.

He advised that nothing will change except the country allows equitable distribution of wealth and access to quality education, health and security.


Include youth in politics – Kalu

Former Governor of Abia State and Chief Whip of the Senate, Dr. Orji Kalu, urged the political class to uphold the tenets of democracy by including youths in their political pursuits.

Also, he said that democracy has come to stay in Nigeria, even as Kalu commended President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government for providing dividends of democracy to Nigerians, adding that the current administration has sustained democratic virtues in all ramifications.

The former Governor while admonishing Nigerians especially the younger generation to take active part in the political process, cautioned against violence in politics, noting that politics is not a do-or-die affair. He said: ” I congratulate Nigerians on the occasion of the 2022 democracy day.

It is yet another opportunity to reflect on Nigeria’s democracy. Nigeria’s founding fathers had laid a solid foundation for civilian rule to thrive in the country. “The milestone attained in sustaining democratic process in Nigeria is impressive and encouraging. “The political class must live up to expectations by embracing democratic virtues in their endeavours.

“The will of the electorate must be respected by ensuring their votes count in elections. “Politics should be seen as a clarion call to serve the people and not an opportunity for self aggrandizement.”

“Politicians must play the game by rules for the country’s democracy to be sustained and for the good of the people.”


Nigeria on pathway to greatness –Obasa

To the Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, Nigeria is currently on a track to greatness just as he urged the citizens to play active roles for this to be fully achieved. Dr. Obasa said this year’s edition coincides with the 29th anniversary of the June 12, 1993 elections,

“However, it is now very glaring that we are on the threshold of history with the forthcoming general elections that is now heralded by the smooth convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the emergence of our flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“The new story that we all anticipate, envisage and dream about for our country is achievable and right before us. Our hopes are rekindled. All that is required is our collectively resolve to be part of the ship of progress.”


Political lessons learnt, not imbibed – YCE

Adewuni Ademiju ADO – EKITI


The Secretary Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE), Dr. Kunle Olajide said: “I believe we have learnt some lessons, they ought to have learnt it but they have not really put it into practice as expected because of the type of democracy we practice which is not the ideal, if it were to be ideal, the lessons would have been better imbibed.

“As to whether we could ever have elections like that ,I will say why not. If not, people are getting much more concerned now about who governed them because the quality of government has not been that impressive ,so a lot of people now feel concerned and are showing interest .


On his own part, former Commissioner for Information and Value Orientation during the immediate past administration of governor Ayodele Fayose in Ekiti State, Mr Lanre ogunsuyi said that June 12, 1993 remains a watershed and a bench mark of democracy in Nigeria. “How have we felt since then?


We have struggled to get to that level as a nation and we are still struggling. Our politicians learnt their lessons; the election was not about politicians. It was about Nigerians. Nigerians spoke their minds and they spoke with their votes without inducement, vote buying , violence. It’s in the hands of everyone and some would say its in the hands of God.

“The challenges that we have today can be traced to the annulment of that election remains the obstacle to achieving such a democratic feat again in Nigeria.”


Politicians‘ve learnt nothing – Wole Oke

Stephen Femi Oni ILORIN


A former House Leader in the Kwara State House of Assembly and a Chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Wole Oke, opined that the political class has not learnt any lesson that is beneficial to the country’s political growth, lamenting that things are getting worse with the country’s Democratic culture.

He said: “The June 12, 1993 Elections would remain with us here in Nigeria as epochal as the history of the Creation myth. Whether our politicians have learnt anything from it or not will be devaluing and degrading the significance of the entire electoral process that gave victory to MKO Abiola’s presidency.

It is not only the politicians that have a lesson to learn but the entire electoral population of the country. Has anybody in the country learnt the worthy and eternal lesson derivable from the most exemplary June 12, 1993 election this country has ever held since the first general election of 1952.


If politicians, nay, the entire Nigerian people, have ever learnt any lesson, then we should not have witnessed the most recent ugly incident where what was supposed to be a democratic primary election, has become a commercial venture: presidential aspirants were still buying delegates’ votes at a commercially fantastic exorbitant price in foreign currency, and not even in our local naira currency.


Day remains landmark in Nigeria’s democracy – Middle Belt Forum

Cephas Iorhemen MAKURDI


Also, weighing in National President, Middlebelt Forum (MBF), Dr. Bitrus Pogu, said the day is significant to Nigerians because of what it portends, stressing that the citizenry,

He said: The Citizenry will continue to recognize the day and learn from what transpired so that we don’t fall into similar traps in future. “2023 is around the corner, less than twelve months from now.

We are going to have elections, by this time next year we would have been around the swearing-in of the next President and what transpired at June 12 should be a lesson to us that we need to have an acceptable, credible, transparent election and the winner whoever he or she is, whether we like it or not should be declared the winner so that the June 12 experience will not happen again.”


June 12th, 1993 will ever remain green in the hearts of Nigerians as an election that would have brought the late M K Abiola as the Nigerian president then was annulled by the military junta under Ibrahim.


We’ve had stable civilian rule, says , Ex – president INC

Pauline Onyibe YENOGUA

Former president, Ijaw National Congress (INC), Engineer Charles Anbowe said: “In twenty four years, we have had some stable civilian rule.

The truth is that at any material point in time, the game of politics is one that involves financial muscle. Just like twenty years ago, if you had one thousand naira, you know the worth of things you can buy.

“I was the NRC party chairman for the Southern Ijaw local area until they dissolved the SDP and NRC . We know as political players then that money was involved in issues like mobilizing delegates.

People were spending money. There has always been financial inducement for people who are playing this game. I, as the local government party chairman, was directly under the late Pere Ajuwa, who sponsored my election.




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