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QUEENS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — While COVID-19 not only wreaked havoc on the global economy, it significantly impacted the way we do many things – particularly shopping. Pandemic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders led to an unprecedented surge in e-commerce and online pick ups. As a result, it seemed shopping in actual stores was a thing of the past. Today, contrary to popular belief, the disingenuousness of online shopping seems to be pushing people back to brick and mortar retail. But in order to stay functional, as well as viable, retailers need to shift how they operate. Which leads to the real question – How do we sustain and support physical retailers cost effectively in these financially uncertain times?

Yaron Cohen is an entrepreneur, as well as the founder and owner of Sharefront, a startup that provides support for emerging brands to grow their business by providing and managing co-retail spaces in prime locations.

Co-retailing, where businesses share the same space and expenses, is something we are all acquainted with. Think Starbucks located inside a Target, Toys-R-Us located inside a Macy’s, etc.. Yaron has taken this concept and expanded on it to create a new future for retail. While meeting the demands in our “new normal,” physical retailers must also meet new heightened consumer expectations.

“It’s exciting to be launching this concept which we view as the wave that will usher in the future of retail,” says Yaron. “For store owners whose passion is their product rather than the minutiae of property management, we proactively manage all of it for you. We help businesses grow from the bottom up, helping them acquire the lowest rent, and even helping design the store and building it out. We will pair businesses with the most compatible, non-competing companies, so they complement one another while simultaneously bringing more foot traffic to both establishments.”

Sharefront assists businesses throughout the entirety of the process. The client simply fills out an application so that Yaron and his professional team can appropriately assess your business.

They analyze your customer base, market, and needs in order to figure out which companies will work most synergistically.

A young entrepreneur whose work comprises the business retail, real estate, and marketing sector, Yaron’s keen vision led to the opening of Sharefront in 2021. Now at the precipice of changing the future of physical retail, he aims at staying ahead of emerging shifts and industry trends. Sharefront has a clear mission: to make shopping enjoyable again in state of the art locations throughout the U.S.

“We make it more curated. We craft our locations to create a sense of community so consumers coming in for one thing will have access to so much more. “It’s a win win…Imagine going to one of your favorite clothing stores where you can simultaneously get a mani/pedi, grab an organic smoothie, and shop for surfboards.”

Among his professional memberships and affiliations, Mr. Cohen is an active member of the Young Jewish Professionals organization.

“With Sharefront, the future of retail is emerging brighter, more cohesive, less costly, and more convenient than ever before. We are here to make it happen. As my tagline says, we are stronger together than we are apart.”

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